Tuesday, October 20, 2015

goodnight liners .. hmm at this time I want to discuss one of the android applications phenomenal.
he is the LINE app, an application that is booming at the end of 2012. The line is one of the applications developed by the company japan up till now in the Google Play has more than 100 million Android users have downloaded it.

if you are one of the users online messenger and feel you want to disable your account temporarily or want restrating your account without losing your paid sticker.

please follow this,step by step:

1-make sure you have already registered online account email let me not fail to reset it, I accidentally let the love of his screen shoot easily remember.

If you have not registered yet please register once to use gmail or yahoo.mail or other mail, remember not to forget the password and the email you are already registered.
2- if already registered his email do not forget you sync your facebook with the reset line you let me simplify it .. (read: how to hack facebook)

3- if already registered email and to sync (link) with facebook, then you try to check what your online account was registered mobile phone numbers or not, if registered mobile phone numbers, you must first delete his phone number with clear data.

go to settings> applications manager> line> clear data.
(do not forget the pin (if disposable pin) or 4 digits of your phone number scared later on need)

4- If you have to delete the data please open the line and select the entry, then select login with facebook see picture below
(see also: how to download videos on line)

 5- after you have successfully logged in, you try to check your profile is still listed her number phone or not ? must have been lost, then after step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is completed, then we reset your account, we clear the data again as you did in step 3.

6- then you open it again and select the line you sign up like the picture above.

 please create a new account with your mobile phone no other.

7 - after you successfully create a new account the next line already sync your facebook account to sync on the first one into a new your account. see image below.

- After successfully sync  your  FB to your new account.
means you have successfully reset your account the first one.

8- please clear data such as step No. 3 and you must login again as step No. 4, but this time the difference you need to login using your email and password that you submitted earlier ..
then later you use another phone no (do the same with phone no. you have registered in the account)

9- after tadaaaa percentage .....

- The friends you've been missing, such as a new account.
Eitss wait..how with stickers?

10- Tadaa ... sticker you are still there.
you have successfully reset your account ..

I suggest if your account is already in the reset may be lost for a while, preferably before starting to reset your account please turn off the friend request via id and delete your posts are published or edited to be just friends.

as shown below.

and after a reset so that the official account has been blocked from appearing or auto BC and the inbox on your account please read also how to cope with the official accounts that are in the block that does not appear again after the reset.

 thank you for visiting my blog.

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